This is a fact that i’ve known from Krystal Lee , an ELF from Korea , she has been an ELF since 2005 and during my conversation with her , my tears cant stop from flowing out .. wanna know why ? scroll down and read carefully !

” Since the first day Super Junior been debuted , there was too many people throwing harsh words to them and K-Netizens is the most rudest reporter ever that time . As fans , we show our undivided supports to them and we didnt care about others . Well to be honest , when people thought us , Korean ELF is the luckiest fans ever , actually it was wrong ! We fight a lot with other people who wants to destroy our precious supermans . International fans didnt know what we have been through for these past few years . Super Junior being treated unfair , fans being throwed harsh comments and so on .. Do you know that we Korean ELF hardly breath here ? we are trying our best to protect them but those negative things kept coming to us , with the sasaeng fans , with the negative comments from some stupid reporters , SM treated them like a shit ! , there was so many things happened to us here in Korea yet some international fans got angry with us because we cant protect them , but all of you didnt know the truth . Here, we got fans divided into many teams and we make an observation on them and what we got is heartbroken story T_T Nowadays , there is too many rookies group and it made us even hard to protect them . Whenever we went to with Super Junior items on our body , people will look us with different way , they didnt like us , and i still remembered where me and my friends went to Myeondong Streets , we wore Super Junior Shirts and guess what ? a fan of new rookie group (not from the same company) spits on us ! They were saying bad things about SJ and said that ELF is disgusting .. T_T and now EXO is on the star line isnt ? (She took a hardly deep breath before continuing her story) .. You know , there were some fans who stood in front of SM Building and waiting for the boys , what made us , ELF hurted is we cant sit infront of the building same goes to other fans like (TVXQ , SNSD and SHINEE) , we just can sit around 200 metre from the place and most of us just wait at the coffee shops nearby the building .. one of TVXQ fans wanted to give their boys a gift and hand it to one of SM staff but being rejected . BUT ! an exo fans can give any gifts to their boys without being rejected and all the sunbae fans of the sunbae groups being looked down by them . There were some Exo fans called us as older ahjuma and ahjussi , we can just go die with our old idols .. T_T and so many heartless words being thrown to us . Honestly , nowadays fans of Super Junior and TVXQ are hardly breath in our own country , these fans of rookies group really made us heartbroken . All i wanted to say is , please especially ELF do not create any problems and please take a good care for our boys as nowadays the boys kept saying the insecure things and do you know why they opened their business ? Because they knew this things would happened and they always felt like their fans are running away from them and go to the new group . This is why they are busy build their new life if something bad happened to them (this time me and her were crying so hard untill the waitress looked at us and asked us if we are okay or not) . I’m sorry i couldnt continue the story because if i keep telling you the truth , there might be a fanwar later and all i can say on behalf of my korean ELF friend is , please take care of the strong bond between Super Junior and ELF and do not break the bond into pieces even for 100 years . And i admit that im one of the ELF whom experiencing the bad moments during my stay in Seoul previously . I wandering around in Seoul wearing my Super Junior bag with Kim Heechul’s keychain and my handphone case also printed with 15 Supermans and guess what ? i bumped into many rookies fans and they were saying bad things to me and one of them tripped my legs at Angel in us coffee shop when im carrying my hot chocolate drink while waiting for my mum shopping T_T while walking at Myeondong streets , there were some girls from this world known fanwar fans looking at me with unsatisfied face , i was walking over them and give a smile but they threw out their chews gum to my way T_T and they were saying ” Super Junior fans again , dwaeji yeoja” and i told this matters to my Korean ELF friend and she knew it because she also experinced the same things … So ELF ! please do not create any problems and together we stick as one big family and protect our very own precious boys , the king in our heart , Super Junior till the last breath .”

Source: Malaysian ELFs Crew


2 thoughts on “ELFS! THIS IS A MUST READ

  1. Oh my god, is this real? Is this true? I can’t believe it! Seriously, i cried a lot T_T let’s support our supermans! 수페요 조니오 파익팅

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